Every month we publish the results of the drink water analysis of Xaló. Water is taken from deposits and various points in the network. The analysis are made according to the law RD 140/2003, every month. Results confirm good quality.

XALÓ. MAYO 2017. CONTROL R. D. 3.1. R. D. Urb. Valle Paraíso. Grifo exterior domicilio Urb. Valle Paraíso

XALÓ. MAYO 2017. CONTROL GRIFO CONSUMIDOR 4. Diseminados casco. Bar Olé. M-17-3144-1

XALÓ. MAYO 2017. CONTROL DEPÓSITO 2. Urb. Almazara. M-17-3141-1

XALÓ. MAYO 2017. COMPLETO DEPÓSITO 1. Depósito Nuevo. M-17-3143-1