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The social benefit is a discount applied to certain groups considered to be vulnerable consumers. This discount varies depending on the situation of each family or individual, the discount applied is from 25% to 40% on the total invoice. This percentage, depending on various situations like the risk of social exclusion, may be even higher. As a result of Covid-19, the government will fulfill an extension of this subsidy as part of the action plan. 

– You must be the owner of the electricity supply contracted in the habitual residence.

– Have contracted the PVPC, which is the voluntary price for the small consumer.

Be considered a vulnerable or severely vulnerable consumer (large (familia numerosa) or single-parent family, pensioner, victim of terrorism or gender-based violence, a member of the family unit with a disability equal to or greater than 33%, etc.).

– Do not exceed the maximum consumption of 345 kWh per month and 4,140 kWh per year.

For more information on this and other social help:

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