The village of Xaló has created a special virtual space in the Batega Xaló application dedicated to the confinement caused by coronavirus. It is a space designed for the whole village to inform, entertain and educate.

One important function is that there is a section where you can consult all the news that the authorities publish with information regarding the health crisis caused by Covid-19: processing of benefits, extraordinary measures etc.

Memory workshop

With regard to the elderly, it is important to convey to the citizens that in this section they can find the memory workshop, an activity that, until the state of alarm, was carried out in person and had a very good reception by the elderly in the village. It is highly recommended that children and grandchildren help older people to continue the workshop through the application.

Online education

There are several sections aimed at children and teenagers. First, there is ‘online education’, where there are many digital resources for young people to continue learning from home. But being distracted is also essential, so in the “entertainment for children” section users will find different “corners” about music, cooking, stories or crafts.

For the general public, both older children and adults have the opportunity to read thousands of books in the ” World Digital Library “and enjoy dozens of plays in the ‘Teatroteca’ section.

A challenge to share

The “Challenge” section aims to encourage neighborhood participation through several challenges that can be shared on social networks with the hashtag #Xalóacasa.

This special category created in the Batega Xaló application is dynamic and every day content will be added in each of the sections.