Mr. Joan Miquel Garcés Font, Mayor-President of Town Council of Xaló makes it known, that the city Council plenary, in an ordinary session on the thirtieth of January of two thousand and twenty has adopted the following agreement:

Submit to public information the disaffection of both the building and the use of the building located in Calle Canónigo D. Pedro Mauri, no. 7 (old town Hall), with the cadastral reference no. 0025032YH5992S0001RO and localized cadastral as CL CANONIGO P. MAURI 5 of Jalon.

In order to comply with the provisions of Article 8.2 of royal decree 1372/1986 of 13th June, approving the regulation on the property of local authorities, in conjunction with Article 81 of law 7/1985 of 2nd April, regulating the Bases of the local regime., is exposed to the public in the Department of municipal secretarial intervention, located in Calle Iglesia n.27 of this town of Xaló, the aforementioned file for a period of one month, which will be counted from the day after its publication to the Official Gazette of the province of Alicante, during which, the interested parties will be able to examine the disaffection initiated and to submit any complaints they receive to the plenary. Whatever the outcome, the file must be resolved after informing the public for one month, by the local Corporation of Xaló, by Agreement adopted with the favorable vote of the absolute majority of the legal number of members of it.

Xaló, on February third of two thousand and twenty.

Signed THE MAYOR. Joan Miquel Garcés Font