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Join us on 2 September in Xaló to celebrate the tradition around winemaking and harvest of grapes.

Xaló invites you to ‘live’ one of its most important traditions: winemaking. Come close and participate in the many activities we have prepared for you, including  the ‘xafada del raïm’ (stepping on grapes to make wine) or ‘tast de vins’ or wine tasting.

The programme of the day includes:

11.45h – SOCA EN ARREL (Live music show)

12.00h – TEATRERES PEL MÓN – Rapunzel (Children’s theatre show)

12.115h – TAST DE VINS (Wine tasting)

12.30H – XAFADA DE RAÏM – FEM VI (Traditional winemaking workshop)

More information: https://www.facebook.com/mercatdelaterraxalo/