In 2016, after a long period of problems, water was declared potable again by Public Health. Every month Public Health checks the quality of tap water.

There are a few points where water quality is analized:

Water comes from the plant in Parcent, comes into Xaló and the first check point is at the Tourist Info. Then the pipeline goes up and is divides in two lines: one goes to the deposit of Valle Paraiso, the other one to La Almazara. Both the urbanisations have a check point but the water is the same water as checked at the Tourist Info.

The other part and the centre of the village has 70% water from Parcent, mixed with 30% water from the well of la Definitiva (Llíber). The water of this well contains salt, the less water we have to use from this well, the better. There are two check points, one at the sports centre and one at townhall, its the same water.

Water was checked twice in october, you can consult the analysis in the documents below:

(At the moment we only dispose of the analysis in Castellano.)

Town Centre 03-10-2016

Town Centre 10-10-2016

Almazara 03-10-2016

Almazara 10-10-2016

Tourist Info 03-03-2016

Valle Paraiso 10-10-2016