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Second BèrniaFest Xaló, the mountain weekend

Friday 1st November

19:30 h – Assembly hall of the Xaló Town Hall

– Inaugural talk (In valencian)

– Presentation of the second mountain race Bodegas Xaló Bèrnia Moscatell Trail. (In Valencian)

– Presentation of the “Km Solidaris” project. (In Valencian)

– Screening of the documentary “Taghia: so far so close”. (In Spanish)


Saturday 2nd November

9:00: Xaló Mercat de la Terra : farmers market: making olive oil.

9:00: Xaló Rastro : antiques market.

10:00: Beginning of the second Camper meeting Xaló with the congregation of vehicles in the centre of the village.

10:30: Exhibition of vehicles.

11:30: Mid-morning snack (almuerzo) for the participants in the meeting.

12:00 Story telling for children (in Valenciano)

12:30: Presentation of the new VW Grande California, brought to you by the Sala Hermanos dealership.

13:00: Prizes awarded for the best customised campervans

17:00: Performance Dolç Tab Jazz Project.

19:00: Wine Tasting.

All day long: Mountain activities for children and young people: Climbing wall, zip wire….


Sunday 3rd November

8:30:  Bodegas Xaló Bèrnia Moscatel Trail Race

From Midday: Mountain activities for children and young people: Climbing wall, zip wire….



Xaló celebrates for the second consecutive year El BèrniaFest, the mountain weekend. The event will take place on 2nd and 3rd November and will offer a whole series of activities, in most cases for the family and focused on active tourism. The municipality of Xaló repeats this format of tourism aimed at highlighting the value the mountains for the population. The first edition was a great success which attracted more than 5,000 people.


Along with the BèrniaFest there will also be the second Camper meeting in Xaló, which this year will offer the official presentation of a vehicle of this kind and a contest with prizes for the best campervan personalizations.


BèrniaFest Xalo


Activities children and young people

The BèrniaFest is a concept that is intended to highlight the touristic offering of the villages in the interior, as is the case of Xaló, especially focused on a family audience and based on active tourism. For this reason, like last year, throughout Saturday and Sunday there will be a whole series of activities for children and young people. The activities are always linked to the world of mountains. For example, there will be climbing on the climbing wall, the younger children will be able to go down the zip-wire and other there will be other workshops.

In addition, on Saturday afternoon, at 17:00 in the Square there will be a performance by Dolç Tab Jazz Project.


Xaló farmers market

The farmers market will also play an important role in the BèrniaFest with a special edition. In this case, the main topic of the market will be olive oil production. This will be on Saturday 2nd November. On the same Saturday there will also be the Xaló antiques market.


Mountain gastronomy

Repeating from last year, due to its great reception, throughout the weekend of BèrniaFest the bars and restaurants of Xaló will offer to the locals and visitors alike menus and special dishes related to the cuisine of the mountains.


Mountain race

The mountain race ‘Bodegas Xaló Bèrnia Moscatel Trail’ will be one of the highlights of the weekend. It will take place on Sunday 3rd November with three classifications: 23 km, 15 km for runners and 15 km for walkers. The route is one of great natural beauty as it crosses the Sierra de Bèrnia, going through natural beauty spaces such as the Devesa, the Barranc del Negre, the Sierra Del Ferrer, Masserof, Les Planisses and the Barranc del Cau. Registration is on this link and is open until 31st October, : https://www.mychip.es/evento/bernia-moscatell-trail-2019-2

And on the subject of mountain running sports, on Friday 1st November at 20:00 there will be a talk about “Experiencias ultra”, in which runners from Xaló will talk about the experience of running in races that exceed 100 km.

Special collaborators of the Bèrniafest Xaló are Radio Litoral Cadena Ser, La Marina Plaza, Alicante Plaza, Bodegas Xaló and Volkswagen Sala Hermanos.


Second Campervan meeting

Because of the great success of last year’s first edition, this year we will repeat the campervan meeting. It will take place on 2nd November and the Town Hall of Xaló appeals to all fans of this mode of travel to make stop that weekend in the Vall de Pop. To all those who come in a campervan vehicle the organizers will invite them to a mountain meal (mid-morning almuerzo). In any case, from Friday you will have an overnight stay area enabled. In order to participate in the exhibition, you must sign up via the email camperxalo@gmail.com


The complete programming of the Second Camper meeting Xaló (Saturday 2nd November) is the following:

– 10:00: Congregation of vehicles in the centre of the village (Calle Iglesia).

– 10.30: Exhibition of vehicles.

– 11:30: Mountain meal (almuerzo) for the participants.

– 12:00: Story telling for children (in Valenciano)

– 12:30: Presentation of the new VW Grande California, brought to you by the Sala Hermanos dealership.

– 13:00 Prizes awarded for the best customised campervans


– 19:00: Wine tasting.


The Camper meeting Xaló is with special collaboration with Sala Hermanos dealership and also Nauticaravaning and Carvisa Campingmarket.


New tourist concepts

The BèrniaFest and the Camper meeting are the third and fourth new tourist concepts launched by the Town Council of Xaló since 2012. Firstly, Xalónia was created, a whole weekend with activities that revolve around the Valencian culture of the village. And a year later, in 2013, the farmers  market began, the first regular market for organic farming and organic products.