The City Council of Xalí already has four full-capacity drinking water tanks thanks to the rehabilitation work carried out in November in what is known as “dipòsit vell”.

The capital of Vall de Pop had four drinking water supply tanks. One of them was in disuse due to a state of disrepair. Consequently, the majority of the population of Xaló was supplied by the others. And that caused trouble from time to time. This happened in the summer of 2019, when at the time of the year with the highest water consumption, there was a major breakdown in the Parcent supply plant and the capacity of the tanks was insufficient to guarantee the supply of Xaló for 24 hours.

In addition, with the rehabilitation of the “dipòsit vell” the amount of drinking water available increases by one million liters and prevents the possibility of shortage due to breakdowns like that of Parcent. Now Xaló has autonomy for being 48 hours independent on external sub-administration.

In this regard, the Councilor for Drinking Water, Gerard Fullana, has stated that “in the last four years we have managed to have better water quality that we have never had in our municipality and now what we are doing is updating facilities which were also necessary, as is the case of the “dipòsit vell”.

Work realized

Specifically, the work carried out consisted of the installation of automation that controls the levels of the tanks as well as some motorized valves with electric actuators that are in charge of regulating the entry and exit of water from each tank so that, in this way, the reservoirs work periodically and the water is not stagnant indefinitely.

The cost of the works has risen to 13,690 euros. 80% has been paid by the Alicante Provincial Council through a line of subsidies for the reform of hydraulic supply and sanitation infrastructures. The remaining 20% has been contributed by the City Council of Xaló.