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* by Xaló Town Hall/ Jan 28, 2019 / Sports |


The Xaló town council has finished the project, which cost 15,000 euros, thanks to the help of the Grup de Muntanya de Xaló (GMX), the local Mountain Group. The indoor climbing wall, which lets everyone practice rock climbing, has been installed in Xaló’s indoor sports hall.

The Xaló town council and Xaló Mountain Group have built an indoor climbing wall in the village sports centre. Since its beginnings, the Xaló Mountain Group (GMX) has wanted to make a climbing wall available for everyone. It is a facility that allows the practising of indoor climbing and helps to create interest around the sport.

The project began in late 2018, when all the associations that occupy the sports centre agreed to choose the centre as the ideal place for its construction. And it has been the Xaló mountain group (GMX), with the support of Xaló town council, which has built the climbing wall. The wall is now open for use.

The use of this space is open to everyone under their own responsibility. It is necessary to pre-book with the centre receptionist within the hours of 9:30am until 2:00pm and in the afternoon from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. The use of the climbing wall is free for members of the Xaló Mountain Group and 5 euros for the general public. The local council maintains the policy of free use of the facilities for people whom form part of the village sports associations and groups, this is to encourage participation in the local associations. The project cost € 15,000.

We will soon publish available courses on the town council’s social networks. At the moment, any minor who uses the facilities will have to do so with the supervision of an adult or a climbing wall supervisor. Xaló mountain group (GMX) members and course students will have preference of use of the facility ahead of the general public.

Download the rules (in concept)