by Xaló town hall | Feb 7, 2019

Xaló highlights the value of the ‘Abrigo del Mansano’ cave paintings.

The actions of the Council of Xaló and a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, of about 40,000 euros, have served to highlight the value of the ‘Abrigo del Mansano’ cave paintings. These cave paintings, including the Mediterranean Arch, have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1988.
The department of culture in Xaló’s town council and Xalo’s ethnological museum are beneficiaries of the grant which has been used for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage sites of the Valencian Community. It was given by the education, culture and sports council (conselleria) with the view of safeguarding the site, sealing the perimeter and improving the access paths of the ‘Abrigo del Mansano’.  The project cost approximately 40,000 euros.

The improvement project of the ‘Abrigo del Mansano’ site has been carried out following three main lines of action: firstly, the finishing of the perimeter fence; Secondly, the improvement of the access path; and finally, the improvement of the signs around the site and the installation of two information panels at the ethnological museum of Xaló which serves as an information centre for the site.

The facilities of this small information centre will be accompanied by a series of activities aimed at promoting public awareness of this type of heritage, through the establishment of a controlled visiting system. This program of activities includes everything from the programming of guided tours, to school visits, workshops and exhibitions, etc.

‘El Abrigo del Mansano’ is one of the most unique examples of prehistoric art from Eastern Spain and the province of Alicante, due especially to the existence of representations of both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms made by means of an imprinting technique. Therefore, the numerous information panels that have been created add to the richness and the narrative complexity of some of the scenes that they represent.

Located in the immediate surroundings of the site, there are also other discoveries of Valencian cultural heritage that complement the visit. More specifically related to architecture and ethnology such as the heritage of dry-stone structures or the different elements related to the production of scalded raisins (pansa escaldada) as well as untouched raisins (pansa verge), which are preserved both in the cave shelter itself and in the surroundings.

This concentration of cultural elements makes the ‘Abrigo del Mansano’ a highly relevant and unique place with enormous cultural value, which has meant the protection and preservation of it has become a necessity.